Our Team

Terry Amerine Founder

My focus on health and wellness and in particular, natural solutions, started in 2014 when I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. In a single doctor’s appointment, I went from having never met an annual deductible to having a significant medical condition that required a dramatic change in my lifestyle.

Within a year of my diagnosis, I lost both of my parents to cancer – my mother to leukemia and my father to abdominal cancer. Each of them were gone within a few months of the initial diagnosis.

The combination of these events caused me to begin to re-evaluate the legacy I wanted to build for my parents and my family. I had spent nearly twenty-five years working in corporate America with some measure of success but that success primarily drove a bottom-line and I wanted to do more to help people.

In 2015, I founded Amerine Family Enterprises with a very simple focus: Improving Lives Naturally. The goal was to bring natural solutions that would improve the health, wellness and overall quality of life for all of our customer. Since 2015, we have helped customers address hidden indoor air hazards in their homes and offices without the use of any chemicals.

Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa is a natural extension of the Improving Lives Naturally mission of Amerine Family Enterprises as it uses natural salts to provide relief for a wide variety of respiratory and skin conditions.

Our goal and passion is and will always be to Improve Lives Naturally.