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Looking for top-rated flotation therapy, salt rooms, a sensory deprivation spa or float tanks in Kansas City & Overland Park, KS? Our local and experienced Overland Park float spa team can help!

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Improving Live Naturally Through Float Tank Therapy and More

Improving Lives Naturally is the foundation upon which Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa was founded. Our entire focus is on providing our Kansas City customers with improved health and wellness through natural processes and products, including our salt rooms, massage therapy, and float therapy in Kansas City.

At Salinity, we understand that the most effective treatment involves both the body and mind. That is why we designed our Halotherapy rooms to not only provide effective salt mist therapy, but they will also transport you to the most exotic beaches in the world via our 18’ x 10’ projection and surround sound system. We guarantee your experience will be both effective and truly AMAZING.

Our locally-based Overland Park float spa’s staff is highly trained and committed to addressing your every need and desire while you are with us.

At Salinity, you will get more than treatment – you will get an experience. Contact us about our Overland Park and Kansas City salt rooms or flotation therapy (sensory deprivation tanks) today!

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Benefits of Flotation Therapy

Stress Relief & Relaxation

Physical Recovery & Performance

Mental Clarity

Chronic Pain Relief

Make them better both Physically & Mentally!



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Client Reviews

  • I must say that my cough that had lingered for almost 4 weeks has immediately been resolved. As I write this, I came to the realization that I hadn’t coughed once today. Bravo!

    Victoria Lasdon Rose Publisher of US Weekly
  • This quite a unique experience! It's certainly different than getting a typical massage. The salinity of the water allows you to float effortlessly while your muscles completely relax. I experienced multiple ligament pops in my back that chiropractors have been unable to release. As an added bonus, if youre of the meditative type, this is the perfect place relax your mind and focus while your body does the same.

    Aaron S.
  • I actually had a rash on my face (overindulgence of chocolate, no doubt) and it cleared it up after that one treatment.

    Jane Michaels Better Than Before iHeart Radio Show.
  • The guy who runs the place was so nice and sweet and helpful! The place is clean and hygienic and BEAUTIFUL! I love the sensory tank!

    Catie Conover
  • This was my first experience at a float spa. I did an hour float. I highly recommend it. I feel more relaxed than I do after a massage. If you are claustrophobic or have balance issues (i.e. vertigo, motion sickness) I wouldn't do this. Otherwise I just felt weightless and all my stress melted off. If you're uncomfortable floating in the dark and silence then there are blue lights and spa music you can float under which is very relaxing as well.

    Angela Gist
  • My boyfriend and I loved it! The staff were great and the atmosphere was very relaxing. We plan to return for the valentine's special. Definitely recommend 👍

    Amy Gallagher
  • This was my first time doing flotation therapy and it was great. Everyone was very nice and showed me exactly what to do. It was very relaxing and I would recommend it to everyone!

    Drew Rhodes
  • Our first time to ever try the salinity floation... we did the couple's float & it was AMAZING!!! Will definitely be going back again, not just for another float, but to try the other services they offer!!! The staff was so wonderful & welcoming, quickly putting any hesitations to ease!! Great experience to start a relaxing evening!!

    Brittany K. Blake
  • Great experience overall. Staff was friendly and informative. Been wanting to try this for a while and I'm glad I did. Definitely would recommend trying it at least once but you'll probably book again like I plan to 😉

    Caleb Dunn
  • Amazing spa experience. I took my mom here for a "girl's day" and we loved it. Left the building feeling relaxed, recharged, and ready for the rest of our day. I am definitely coming back and highly recommend it for anyone looking for an affordable, yet relaxing and professional, spa experience.

    Sarah Baker
  • I did my first float here. Diane was very friendly and walked me through the steps. Facility was very clean and felt like home. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering doing a float.

    Curtis Bosak
  • We really enjoyed our couple's float session and the whole staff was friendly and made us feel very comfortable!

    Beth Montes
  • The place is very clean, the owners are awesome, and the overall experience is phenomenal. Highly recommend!

    Matthew Burgess
  • Got a gift certificate for Christmas. Always wanted to do a sensory deprivation stuff thing. Absolutely loved it. Everyone here was super friendly. The facility was clean. I emerged super relaxed and feel like my anxieties are all manageable now. I'd go again.

    Rob Justice
  • Absolutely the most relaxed I’ve ever been!!!
    Amanda Lynn
  • As someone who struggles with PTSD and MST (Military Sexual Trauma), it was very relaxing! For the first time in a really long time, I could finally clear my mind! I can't say thank you enough!

    Jessica Horton E4 Army Veteran
  • This was my first time doing a float tank session.! I was a little nervous because an hour in a sensory deprivation tank with only your thoughts seemed daunting, but several of my friends highly recommended it. After adjusting to the tank, it was a very relaxing experience. I feel like my brain and body have reset! I will certainly look into doing future floats when I feel overwhelmed by life.

    Molly S Nurse
  • My time in the service has left me with frequent muscle and joint pain, particularly in my knees and hips. The float took all outside pressure off my body, and I felt better than in weeks. My mind felt clear and relaxed, almost like I was floating in space! I would undoubtedly return from time to time to treat my body aches.

    Madeline Fenner USMC E3
  • I can't believe how awesome I feel after deploying our 5xs in the last five years and a bad neck from hours of flying in a helicopter. I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed. Thank you so much. We will be back.

    Army Veteran Blackhawk Pilot
  • I never realized how stressed my body was until it wasn't anymore. I have never felt completely free and weightless! Thank you so much. We are forever grateful.

    Samantha Henke Army Reserve, Active Duty Veteran, mom, and bodybuilder

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