Preparing For Your Float


Floating (also referred to as floatation therapy or sensory deprivation), is a scientifically proven way to soothe chronic pain, promote physical recovery, and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s an experience which offers a set amount of time removed from the constant stimuli of our everyday lives, peacefully immersed in the healing waters of the float tank.

Other than showering well beforehand and remembering to put in your earplugs, what else is there to know about preparing for and enjoying an ideal first float?

Chances are if you ask any experienced floater, they will have their own unique insights, as floating is truly a personal journey similar to meditation, but there are a few “across the board” tips for you on your first float journey.

Before Your First Float

  • Avoid Caffeine (especially coffee) For 4-6 Hours Beforehand

Floating is all about relaxing, and caffeine’s effect on the nervous system is typically counterproductive to this process.


  • Have a Light Meal  About 1 Hour Before Your Float

Constant noises from an empty stomach can prove rather distracting in the sensory deprivation environment, so a little food can go a long way towards having a great float experience.


  • Consider Waiting To Shave or Wax

The saltwater in the float room can cause a stinging sensation on recently shaved or waxed skin, so feel encouraged to hold off just a bit longer!


  • Make Sure You Haven’t Dyed Your Hair Recently

Any recently dyed hair color needs to be “set” before coming in to float (your shower water is running completely clear). Please reschedule if it is not to avoid causing damage to our float room.


  • Build in Transition Time Before and After Your Float

Even 5-10 minutes to yourself before and after a float to prepare, and really soak in the experience you had, ponder thoughts or personal stuff that came up can really heighten your float experience as a whole.

Your Float Session

  • After being shown to your private Float Suite, shower off well before entering the Float Room.


  • Make sure to grab the provided Float Halo (helps support the head more easily) and put in your provided ear plugs.


  • Lie back in the water; the buoyancy of the water will support you effortlessly.


  • To ease you into your float, the room will play light, calming music with twinkling starlights in the ceiling for 10 minutes, before fading to full sensory deprivation.

Lights and music will fade back in at the end to let you know your session is concluding.


  • Refrain from touching your face to avoid getting any saltwater in your eyes.

A spray bottle with water is provided inside the float room in case this does occur.

Have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at info@salinityforyou.com or call us at (913) 909-7258