Massage & Float Package

Only $129

Float Therapy has been called relaxing, rejuvenating, and surreal, so we felt that adding a massage beforehand might be the perfect way to get in the “Floating” state of mind!

With Massage now at Salinity, we’re offering a VIP Package for Mother’s Day, a one-hour customized massage, followed by a one-hour float session.



valid through 5/8/22

Beach & Float Package

Enjoy a rejuvenating and relaxing combination of halotherapy and float therapy at Salinity. The experience begins with a 30-minute halotherapy session in our Beach Suite, followed by a 1-hour sensory deprivation float in the Float Suite.

Our Float Suite includes your personal shower, changing area, and all Salinity amenities, and your Float Room is large enough for two at 8′ wide by 9′ long. With complete light- and sound-proofing, you will journey together into complete sensory deprivation, returning to reality completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Give Mom something totally relaxing and totally NEW this year for Mother’s Day, with the Salinity Beach & Float experience for just $99.