Massage & Float Package

Only $139

Check out our newest addition to Salinity with our Massage Therapy, coupled with our unique Sensory Deprivation Float Therapy.

We’ve heard there’s no better way to get in the “Floating” state of mind than to begin with a relaxing custom massage from our certified Massage Therapist, and we’ll have Dad coming home more relaxed than ever!


Offer valid through 6/19/22

Beach & Float Package

Give Dad the ideal stay-cation with our idyllic Beach & Float package for Father’s Day!

Starting with our 30-minute Halotherapy in our Beach Suite, he’ll be treated to the rejuvenating salt air while the relaxing sounds of waves and music transport him to a beach paradise, before experiencing our unique Floatation Therapy in our Float Suite.

Solo  $79   |  Couples  $139


Offer valid through 6/19/22

Double the Floating for Father’s Day!

Does your Dad need a little more relaxation than most? You know the old saying that “Two is better than one”, well when it comes to Floating…that’s definitely the case!

Float Therapy has been shown to help with stress, physical pain, and sleep quality (and much more!) and the effects are that much greater when floating more often.

Solo  $119   |  Couples  $199


Offer valid through 6/19/22

New to Floating?

Every journey begins with a single step, and this year to help Dad add Floating to his self-care lifestyle, we’re offering our best-ever promotion for First-time Floaters at Salinity!

This promotion will only be available through Father’s Day, so don’t wait too long!

Solo  $59


Offer valid through 6/19/22