Couple’s Floating: Overland Park’s New Date Night Experience

This Valentine's Day, step away from the ordinary and into a realm of extraordinary connection with your partner. In the heart of Overland Park, Salinity offers a unique sanctuary for love and tranquility: Couples Floating. Our Deluxe Ocean Float Room (Click for Virtual 360° Tour), measuring approximately 6’W x 9’H x 9’L, is more than [...]

7 Game-Changing Benefits of Float Therapy for Athletes

Do you know what unites celebrated sports icons like Michael Phelps, successful teams like the Dallas Cowboys, and acclaimed clubs like Manchester United? It's not just their impressive records; it's also their affinity for float therapy. Beyond the walls of their prestigious championship halls, these athletes have found a sanctuary in float tanks, seemingly simple [...]

Third Time’s a Charm

I knew that my life wasn’t going the way I wanted it to. My office job seemed so fulfilling to my peers, but I couldn’t help but find myself less and less happy every time I drove into work. Dreading a full day of staring at a screen containing nothing that interested or fulfilled me. [...]

Does Floating Relax Us?

Does Floating Relax Us? Floating in a sensory deprivation tank has become a therapeutic way to manage and treat a wide variety of psychological conditions. People experiencing posttraumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and other conditions have sought effective relief with float therapy. Although float therapy has been shown to help induce relaxation and reduce stress, it [...]

Relaxation for Father’s Day

Give the Hard-Working Dad in Your Life the Gift of Relaxation this Father’s Day Often, the men in our lives take care of just about everyone else’s needs before they turn to their own wellbeing. But everyone needs a break, a moment to honor their physical and mental wellness. This Father’s Day, show him how [...]

Floating While Pregnant

Floating While Pregnant: Relief, Recovery & Bonding with Baby We want to feature the amazing benefits that expectant mothers can gain from the intimate bonding time and healing relaxation that a float session can bring to both Mom and her little miracle. However far along in your pregnancy, floating can alleviate numerous aches, pains, and [...]