Relaxation for Father’s Day

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Give the Hard-Working Dad in Your Life the Gift of Relaxation this Father’s Day

Often, the men in our lives take care of just about everyone else’s needs before they turn to their own wellbeing. But everyone needs a break, a moment to honor their physical and mental wellness. This Father’s Day, show him how appreciated he is by giving him a moment to prioritize himself.

Deep relaxation can help wash away the stress of demanding work days, relieve sore muscles, melt away tension in the body, and calm a hectic mind. Our Float Suite is a perfect 1-hour oasis where Dad can float without distractions in a blissful sensory-deprivation environment. Pair with a custom massage prior to floating, and this double-action relaxation will have Dad feeling more rested than ever.

With celebrity dads like basketball player Stephen Curry and quarterback Tom Brady promoting the benefits of floating, it’s no surprise that men everywhere are learning about the unique benefits of sensory deprivation, like optimizing overall physical performance and increasing post-workout recovery.

And these are just some of the amazing floating benefits! Here are some more reasons floating is the perfect Father’s Day gift:


It’s Easy!

The best part about a spa day is not having any responsibilities. You don’t need to do anything at all, just let the worries wash away. With Float Therapy, you allow your mind and body to relax and let the environment do all the rest of the work. It’s one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate, heal, and come away from the float suite feeling more well-rested than when you came in (1 hour of sleep in a float tank can be equivalent to 4-8 hours of deep sleep!)


Powerful Health Reboot

Regular floating has been linked to many health benefits, from supporting the immune system to reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation. Recent studies show that Float Therapy can help regulate the amygdala, which reduces feelings of worry and anxiety. These studies show that floating can be an effective treatment for those with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


Release Pain & Tension

Throughout the day, gravity weighs on us, and as daily stress accumulates, so does tension in the body. This leaves us feeling worn down and can even lead to chronic pain, like that stiffness in the neck and shoulders that never quite seems to go away. But during a float therapy session, the body is allowed to truly unwind.

This state of relaxation is like resting in zero-gravity space and allows a break for the mind, body, and spirit that is truly unique. Floating atop the water’s surface helps release the tension in our muscles and joints, naturally elongates the spine, and relaxes tension in the hips and shoulders This gives the body a tremendous opportunity to heal.


A Boost of Energy & Mental Clarity

With so many professional athletes using floating for post-workouts and improving their performance across the board, it’s no surprise that floating is becoming widely popular. That’s because floating can positively impact recovery, physical training, and performance while also improving mental clarity and focus. Floating regulates the nervous system, keeps muscles relaxed, and speed’s up the bodies recovery time, which means the benefits last even after the session ends.


Because He Deserves It

A Float Therapy session is the perfect gift for all those dads who work so hard and do so much for everyone around them. Everyone deserves the time and space to focus on themselves, and this Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give the beloved men in your life the opportunity to say YES to an unexpected day of pampering and peace.

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