First-Time Customers

Float Therapy

Dry Salt (Halo) Therapy
(30 minute session)

  • Children’s Session
    $20.00 ($14 – Adult/$6- Child) 30 mins

Memberships – One-month Trial Memberships

Float Therapy

Standard (1 Hr) Float Session

90-Minute Float Session

  • Solo Float
    $129.00 90 Minutes
  • Couples Float
    $199.00 90 Minutes

2-Hour Float Session

  • Couples Float
    $249.00 2 Hours

Dry Salt (Halo) Therapy

Single Session Pricing

  • Children’s Session
    $30.00 ($20- Adult/$10 – Child) 30 mins


  • Five Adult Sessions
    $135.00 30 mins
  • Ten Adult Sessions
    $250.00 30 mins
  • Five Children Sessions
    $135.00 ($100-Adult/$35-Child) 30 mins
  • Ten Children Sessions
    $250.00 ($180-Adult/$70-Child) 30 mins

Massage Therapy

Single Session Pricing

  • Massage Therapy
    $95.00 1 hour

Memberships (per month pricing)

Standard – Dry Salt (Halo) Therapy Only

(6 months)

  • Single (unlimited halo sessions)
    $99.00 6 months
  • Couple (unlimited halo sessions)
    $179.00 6 months
  • Family (unlimited halo sessions)
    $299.00 6 months

(1 Year)

  • Single (unlimited halo sessions)
    $79.00 1 year
  • Couple (unlimited halo sessions)
    $139.00 1 year
  • Family (unlimited halo sessions)
    $239.00 1 year

DISCOUNTED FLOAT SESSIONS – Members of Salinity will have the opportunity to purchase up to 2 float sessions (one-hour only) per month at a cost of $50 per session provided that their membership account is in good standing.

  • Members can purchase up to 2 one-hour float sessions per month at the discounted price. All additional float sessions will be charged at normal pricing;
  • Group halo therapy sessions will count toward total number of sessions per month for that member;
  • If a group session includes multiple family members or a couple – each participant in the group session will be deducted from the total monthly allotment of sessions:
    • Example: Three family members attend a group session together. This would count as 3 sessions and be deducted from the monthly allotment of 20 sessions – leaving 17 sessions for that month.
  • Any unused Dry Salt Halo sessions in a month will be forfeited and cannot be carried over to the following month;
  • Dry Salt (Halo) Therapy sessions will be allocated at the appropriate number per month (10 & 20 respectively) and be deducted as used that month by each family member;
  • Memberships can be cancelled with a 30-day notice. There will be a charge of one additional month membership fee after cancellation;
  • All memberships will require a credit card or automatic payment/deduction only;
  • Memberships cannot be transferred;
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate specific appointment requests but Salinity cannot guarantee a specific time unless an advanced appointment is made;
  • Members agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set by the management of Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa;
  • Members will be required to complete and sign a medical form and waiver of liability form at the time of purchase.

Corporate Wellness

Participating in corporate wellness programs is a priority at Salinity. Please contact us directly with any questions regarding a specific corporate wellness program.

Referral Rewards

Salinity welcomes and encourages referrals from our customers and we are pleased to offer the following referral rewards for the individual making the referral:

Individual Referral: $10 off a Dry Salt (Halo) Session
Group Referral: Free Dry Salt (Halo) Therapy
Corporate Wellness Referral: Free Six-Month Membership*

* Require an actual corporate wellness program be completed and activated by the company or organization.